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New Hope Christian Ministries of Pakistan

Urgent Request...

Hello Everyone! We hope all is well. We have an important update on the School Project: We have been actively looking at land for our future School home. That process really takes some time and a lot of negotiation. We did find one land plot (with an old house on it) that we really liked and felt was perfect. The area was 1 kanal (That is around 4,500 square feet). This property is located in a very nice area. Renting this size of a building costs us around $1,000 a month, excluding bills. But, if we buy this property, it will cost at least $200,000. Fortunately, because of the rupees' declining value, nowadays, it will help us to save $20-30,000. This means that if we buy this property, now, it will cost us $170,000, instead of at least $200,000, or more. The amount we have in our ministry funds, in our hands, is $130,000. We are asking if you, personally, or your Churches can be a part of raising $70,000 more (to equal $200,000), for a one-time donation. We know that this is a big amount, but if we all, including Churches, contribute generously, this goal can be achieved. Please consider this need, prayerfully. We are hoping that once we get this building, it will be way easier for us to sponsor people to come here, for visits and internships.

Let's make this target easy for you all:


70 people donate $1,000,


If 140 people donate $500,


If 280 people donate $250,


If 560 people donate $125,

Now, we can see how easy it is to raise that amount. We all have influence, and we should take advantage of that influence to make this Kingdom goal possible!

If 56 people talk to 10 people and ask them to donate $125, this goal can be achieved. Blessings,‚Äč