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New Hope Christian Ministries of Pakistan

Relief Work:

Helping the Victims of the Peshawar Church Bomb Blast, that occured on September 22, 2013

Here is a picture of the Church, which was bombed.

On September 22, 2013, Twin Suicide Bomb Blasts, near the Church, in Peshawar, Pakistan, killed at least 80 people, and injured more than 120.

Click here to watch the video, that happened, right after the bombings:

With the donations we received, we sent our team, over there, to help them, and were only able to help 21 out of 300 families who were affected. We wished we could have helped all of them, but were limited on how many funds we had. These people were in a miserable condition, had tragic stories to tell us, and are still in desperate need of great help. We had heard that organizations were out there to give them help, but our team did not hear about anything. More is down below.

The Stories and Aftermath

This picture, down below, shows damaged holes on the building, from the bombs. In the picture on the left, the Children's Sunday School Class, upstairs, is where the bombers tried to target. 

The Blood Stains are still there.

This picture shows a family, picturing the Father, Mother and daughter, who all died, except for one son, who is in the 9th grade.  

Here is their orphaned 9th grade son. The leader of our team is pictured, here, giving him a check.

This is a Husband and Wife who died.

This lady's husband died. Her legs and arms are broken, and only has one daughter, who has a Masters in Sciences. This mother also cannot hear anymore, since the bomb explosion.  

This lady's son died, who was the single source of income for their family. She has already been widowed.

Of this picture set of three, the top picture is a 22-year-old boy, who was martyred. The second picture, down below, is his grandmother, and the bottom picture, of the three, is his mother.  

This boy was inside the Church building, when the first bomb exploded. He ran out of the Church Building, and saw the Second bomber, dressed in a police uniform. He was suspicious, and jumped onto the Second bomber, in an effort to try to stop him. Unfortunately, his body exploded with the second bomber, and his body parts went flying, everywhere.

These next three pictures, below, show 3 brothers and 3 sisters, whose parents died. The last of the three pictures, shows us giving a check to one of their relatives. Perhaps she is stepping in as "Mother," now.

These two pictures, down below, show a Father and Mother who lost their oldest son, who was 36. Our team is giving them some help, in the second picture.

This top picture shows this mother in sorrow, as her 4-5 year old girl is in suffering and pain. This young little girl's cousin, was the boy, in glasses, in one of the earlier pictures.  

This young boy, who is around 13-14 years old, and is the 8th to 9th grade, is suffering from both of his legs, broken. His father died, and also, his married older brother died. We provided help to the mother, down below. 

This little 3-4 year old boy's sister and parents died. He is orphaned, and has a leg broken. His shoulder is also broken, as well as his backbone. He is currently being taken care of, by his paternal grandparents. In the right, he is holding the check.

This young girl, on the left, was finishing High School, and was getting ready to be married. She is engaged, in this photo, and this is also a picture, from her engagement ceremony. She was an only-child, in her family. She was martyred, in the attack.

This lady's two legs are broken, as well as her arm. We were able to give her some aid.

There were five members of this man's family, who died: His Father, 2 Sisters, 1 Brother and a Sister-in-law.  

In addition to all of this, our team observed 3-4 houses which had been locked up, since the incident, indicating that the whole family must have died, in the incident, and never came home.